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Tandem Paragliding takes place in Oludeniz from Baba Mountain which is 6500ft-1905 meters, near Fethiye , about 2,5 Hours away from Marmaris.

Over fifty thousand paragliding jumps are launched every season amongst 11 companies in Oludeniz. During these jumps sky turns in to flog of rainbows.

You dont have to be aexperienced Jumper or an Adrenalin Junky to enjoy this adventures trip as anyone who wish to see a great view from the sky can do this as long as you are old enough at least 18 years of age or over.

We will head early in the Morning from Marmaris to Fethiye Oludeniz driving trough Koycegiz, Ortaca and Gocek. On the way there and back we will try to give short breaks for refreshments or fresh air.

Once you get to the Paragliding office in Oludeniz you will be taken from there with trucks up 6500 feet to Baba Mountain where your preperations will begin.

You will be introduced to your gear and have your information provided by the qualified tutor who will be jumping with you on the same tandem.

You can take your own pictures during the session or it can be done for you.

When you are ready with your preperations and providing the weather circumstances are right for the jump, you will be few steps away from the Jump. All it needs is few step walking then you will be up in the Sky.

Flight does usually takes between 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the weather. Wind directions do play a crucial factor in making decisions of wether or not the jump will take place, this is purely for safety reasons and pilots are the ones who decide.

Ones you have landed below on the ground safely you then will be ready to head back to marmaris to enjoy your shower.


PICK UP TIME : 8.30 am


INCLUDED : Guide, breakfast and lunch 

Prices Excluded  : Photos and DVD

BRING ALONG: Shoes to wear - flip flops , swim wear ,Towels ,sun cream, sun hat and sun glasses, money for drinks ,Camera

SUITABLE : Suitable for all ages above 18

IMPORTANT : Customers with any preexisting medical conditions (e.g nut allergy) must inform us at the time of booking, this is important for us.

Pregnant Ladys are not advised to go as well as those who got Highblood pressure and Heart problems.

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