Marmaris Ottoman Turkish Bath

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Marmaris Ottoman Turkish Bath

The Marmaris Ottoman Turkish Bath will be your ideal place for relaxation, enjoyable and cleaning. You will feel your body becoming alive and light again with the massage experienced hands will perform starting from your neck and shoulders down to your legs and hands. Afterwards you will experience the foam massage making it a unique experience to retrieve your energy…!

Marmaris Ottoman Scrub And Foam Massage

Deep exfoliation or “kese” that literary scrubs off dead cells of your skin along with toxins, wrinkles and imperfections. Besides, this international care is a proven way for a natural tan within a short period also preventing it from fading.
Marmaris OttomanTurkish Bath in Marmaris Oil Massage: 
Massage is a process applied to body with the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a massage device, to fix and regulate functions of neural system, muscular system and bloodstream, based on significant systems and scientific principles. Massage is used to relieve the pain, decreases the nodules, eases the muscles, and accelerates the healing of the strain and flexion emerged in the consequence of wounding. Contrary to what is believed, massage does not cause to diminish power of the muscle or does not procure to be destroyed the fat accumulated in the body.Massage implementation is based on physiological principles. For an example: massage applied a part of the body decreases or overcomes aches arising from internal organs. Differences caused by massage on skin vessels change situation of underlying circulation. Massage can be use to facilitate absorption of accumulated liquids. Massage applied on muscles, if it is applied before a working, muscles are prepared activity and makes easy the action supplying more blood flow and heating muscles slowly.

Tour Day : Every day
Transfer Time : Between 10:00 - 17:00 2 hours programme anytime.
Price Included : Transportation, full insurance , sauna, scrub, foam massage and 20 mınutes oil massage
Extras : Mask, drinks, extra oil massage,
Bring along : Swimsuit, money for extras
Note: We will be meet you at the your hotel and our all excursions pick up and drop back service from hotel included price.

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