All About Icmeler

All About Icmeler

içmeler, Each year, thousands of tourist flock to Marmaris for a holiday experience surrounded by nature and with lots of leisure activities. Marmaris offers tourists an unforgettable holiday experience with its beautiful small towns. Of these small towns, İçmeler is among the most popular destinations. Previously a fishing town, İçmeler has recently been coming up in the world. It takes only 10 minutes to get to this beautiful town which is 8km from the city center. We have prepared for you a list of exclusive tips to help you unlock the  secrets that are waiting to be found in this exclusive holiday spot. 

When should I go to ICmeler?
İçmeler is a town with a Mediterranean climate. Winter months are warm and rainy while summers are hot and humid. The mercury hits its peak in June and July. İçmeler can be visited throughout the entire summer. A visit in spring and autumn is also recommended if you are looking for extra peace and calm. 

How do I get there?
İçmeler is a small town located in Marmaris and it can be reached via the city center. İçmeler is 8 km from Marmaris which can be travelled in 10 minutes. Daily shuttle services from the center take 15-20 minutes to reach İçmeler. These services are available during the day and at night time. And you can take the bus to get to Marmaris. Buses reach Marmaris in 13 hours from Istanbul, 5 hours from Izmir and 10 hours from Ankara. If you prefer to go by plane, there are chartered flights to the Dalaman Airport, which is close to Marmaris. There are transport or shuttle services from the airport. 

What leisure activities does İcmeler offer?
İçmeler has lots of fun activities to offer. The place has a pristine beach which makes it highly recommended. You can use the beach in the town center or the surrounding beaches to swim. Water sports are also quite popular here. They include banana riding, canoe and sea parachuting. Fishing and nature hikes are other options. 

Marmaris İcmeler tours
Boat tours in İçmeler, Marmaris, are a pleasant alternative way to spend your leisure time. There are daily boat tours from İçmeler to places such as Dalyan and Iztuzu. With these tours, you can visit beaches with exquisite beauty such as Cleopatra’s Beach.  In addition to these tours, you can also join other tours to visit bays close to İçmeler. 

İcmeler Beach and the surrounding beaches
İçmeler is one of the most important towns in Marmaris. The fact that there is ample accommodation to house lots of tourists does not translate into congested beaches. You can still enjoy a fun swimming experience in İçmeler. İçmeler Beach has a spectacular view. When you look across from the beach you will see a magnificent sea and a constellation of small islands. The high hills covered with forests create a serene effect. Among the beaches close to the İçmeler Beach are Turunç and Kumlubuk. Turunç is 21 km from Marmaris. There are many facilities in this area with a clean beach and a clear sea. In the adjacent bay is located Kumlubuk which has no facilities. But it makes up for that with its crystal clear sea. 

How about the food?                    
İçmeler stands out for its cuisine as much as for its sea, nature and atmosphere. Dominated by Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine, the kitchens offer food with lots of olive oil, herb meals and salads. Fresh sea products are also an option. Some of the delicacies you can enjoy are kıstırma (vegetable farci with egg, dill and fresh cheese filing in olive oil), çıtırmak tatlısı (toffee with sesame), çıntar meatballs, and flaky pastry. Kebab and meatball alternatives are also available for fast food consumption in many restaurants.  
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