All About Dalyan

All About Dalyan
About Dalyan, Turtle Beach, King Tombs, Mud Bath and More

Dalyan is a small town on southwest coast of Turkey by the side of the Mediterranean. The town of Dalyan is situated center of the Dalyan delta. Iztuzu beach is most important place to produce of the Caretta Caretta. An amazing ancient city Caunos , Rock Tombs and Mud Baths are in Dalyan. Dalyan Guide offers you an economical holiday on unspoilt paradise Dalyan in Turkey. If you are planning a travel to DALYAN or holiday in Dalyan and seek extra information about Dalyan and looking for a property and accommodation, hotel ,pension, villa for rent and advice you are the right place.

Set inland on the banks of the Dalyan River, the village of Dalyan is a peaceful holiday backwater unspoilt by mass tourism. The romance of the place is heightened each morning as a fleet of gaily-painted boats chug off down the dalyan river carrying holidaymakers to the glorious sandy iztuzu beaches at the mouth of the river delta. Starting from Dalyan Harbour the voyage through beds of bulrushes and pampas grass takes around 45 enjoyable minutes - the entire Delta is a protected National Conservation area and is home to over 200 species of birds along with no less than three varieties of turtle, including the Loggerhead Caretta Caretta.

The surrounding area is a green valley - a unique setting for a relaxing holiday to Turkey, and just made for exploring. So if you like to do far more than stretch out in the sun, Dalyan's rich tapestry of history, mystery, nature and wonder is for you. At just 25 km from Dalaman airport, transfer times are refreshingly short too.

Dalyan Rock Tombs

Dalyan is a town located along the Calbys river (now known as the Dalyan river) which is born from Köycegiz Lake and runs towards Iztuzu Beach through a reedy labyrinth called Dalyan Canal. Lycian rock tombs of Kaunos ancient city which dates to 10th century greet you in front of the town. İztuzu beach, which is the home of Caretta Caretta turtles and selected as “the best open space” by The Times in 2008, is at 45 minutes distance to the center of Dalyan by boat or 15 minutes by car. As Dalyan became a preserved area in 1998, it is not permitted to build houses more than two floors and any building is forbidden on the seashore. This helped the area to stay natural.

How to Reach to Dalyan?

Scene from Iztuzu Road, Dalyan is 30 km away from Dalaman Airport and at 25 minutes distance by car. It only takes around two hours between the time your flight takes off from Istanbul and the time that you reach your hotel at Dalyan. From cities like İzmir and Antalya it takes 3,5 hours by driving more or less.

Nature of Dalyan

View from Radar Hill; Lake Köyceğiz, Dalyan Canals and İztuzu Beach at the Same Frame

Dalyan is a place where you can find every source of water; sea, river, lake and ground water. These water sources make up the beautiful habitat with a large variety of species.  Famous blue crabs and Nile turtles are just some of these diverse species that in Dalyan Canal. Caretta Carettas which are yet synonymous with Iztuzu beach, nest into the beach and lay their eggs there, and it is pretty possible for you to see them while swimming.

Dalyan is also home to lots of bird species, like kingfisher, hawk and beebird. Birdwatching is a popular type of activity in the area.  Sweetgum trees growing here are famous for its oil and this oil is usually used in cosmetics.

Dalyan district has mud baths which contain lots of minerals with the help of thermal waters. Sultaniye Thermals, which were visited by the Ottoman Sultans, are only 20 minutes distance by boat. Due to its alluvial character, the area is quite fertile and full of wide agricultural lands and citrus gardens. In spring it smells citrus flowers everywhere throughout the Iztuzu road and in September-October it’s a wonderful view to see red and mature pomegranates along the road.

History of Dalyan

Kaunos Antic City, Kaunos city was a significant port in ancient times. According to Heredot, who was known as the father of the history, Kaunosers were from Karia, despite the fact that they have counted themselves from Girit. Reportedly, the city has been built by Kaunos, the son of Miletos. The rock tombs, that are seen from Dalyan, were carved in 4th century BC and used in the Roman Era. In the course of time, Kaunos had been abandoned since the port became useless because of the alluvion that blocked the way to the sea, and malaria that took place afterwards.

Which Activities Can Be Done in Dalyan?

6 Km Long Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan offers many activities to its visitors although it is a quite residential and peaceful place. Particularly, boat tours in Dalyan Canal and swimming at İztuzu Beach are some of these activities. Moreover it is very common to rent a bike and ride it while watching pomegranate and citrus gardens around Iztuzu Road and Sulungur Lake. As this route is also the course of the race, a discovery ride/walk before race day can be a good idea.

In addition, you can participate to boat tours from Göcek to 12 islands or go to nearby bays such as Ekincik Bay or Bacardi Bay. In Lake Köyceğiz, thermal and mud baths are other options for relaxation. To feel the nature, Yuvarlakçay and Toparlar Waterfalls are also refreshing options waiting for you. If you are a pursuer of organic products, make a stop at Çandır Organic Village or experience the well-known Koyceğiz Bazaar which is set up every Monday. For those who want more than seeing the Lycian rock tombs, visiting Ancient Kaunos City and watching beautiful scene of Dalyan Delta and Iztuzu Beach standing on the steps of ancient theatre can be an impressive activity.

Places Near Dalyan

Akyaka – Azmak River,  Dalyan is in the center of most of the well-known holiday resorts. Akyaka, which is Cittaslow, in which Azmak stream pass through is only at 45 minutes distance to Dalyan. Popular holiday resorts like Göcek, Marmaris, Fethiye are also at one hour distance by car.

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